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(January 2012)

My charges represent excellent value for money and I believe are clear and very fair.  Bear in mind that because as a handyman I am 'multi trade' and can do several different types of tasks on the same visit I am much cheaper than employing several different tradesmen all with their own call-out charges and probable multiple VAT bills on top as well.

What Do I Charge?

I operate on a simple small half-hourly rate basis meaning that you are not paying for large amounts of time not utilised (this is particularly liked by the elderly as many of the tasks I get from them take less than half an hour in total).  You don't pay for my breaks but you do pay for any time taken to purchase special items needed for the job.

Important: I do not charge you for the time spent discussing the job prior to actually commencing work on or off site nor do I charge you for my traveling costs and time to your site, the assembling, loading and unloading of anticipated parts and equipment needed.  Therefore you are only paying for actual time that I am physically (tools in hand) working on the job itself.

For private clients the call-out which includes the first half-hour actually spent working on the job for you within the local area is charged at just £25, for each additional half-hour the charge is £10 per half-hour up to a maximum total of £155 for a full 7 hour working day (which my Client's find excellent value knowing that I can carry out a variety of very different tasks on a visit comparing very favourably when likened against charges of other sole-trade tradesmen). 

Should a job spread over contiguous days then dependent on location, I may allow the initial first half-hour charge on each subsequent day to be charged at the standard rate thereby saving you up to £ 15 per day.


I am not VAT registered so unlike larger companies, I will not have to charge you an extra 20% on top for my services!  Rest assured though that I have Public Liability of up to £ 2 million and Tradesman insurances in place to protect everyone.




I do not give quotes or estimates for a variety of reasons, if you wish to find out more, please read the No Quotes page to understand my reasons why and how you benefit.

Unsanitary Jobs

I do charge a premium for unsanitary jobs.  If you have ever done a job like this you will realise why! In this case the first half-hour is charged at £60.  It will still be much cheaper than the larger drain companies.

Larger Jobs

With some larger specialist jobs (for example sinking multiple garden fencing posts and panels), you may be better off employing a specialist in that field because they have the man-power and are geared up for the one specific task and are likely to be faster and might be cheaper.  I often get called in to tidy up things that people are not happy with though!


I require payment by cash or cheque or internet transfer on completion of the work, or for continuous work on a Friday at the end of each working week or if by written agreement with businesses on an absolutely and strictly 30 day net basis.


Terms & Conditions, Complaints Procedure, Insurance information available separately upon request.

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IOSH Working Safety Certificate

Enhanced CRB Checked for working with vulnerable adults, children or in public places.

Have worked in high security establishments such as M.O.D. Bases and Prisons and in sensitive areas such as Schools, Hospitals, Emergency Centres and Residential Homes.

UK Guild of Handymen member.


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